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Peak of the Week: Taos, NM

The Peak of the Week!

There are so many Resorts, each with much to offer! From Trailmaps to Lodges, Activities to Events, Trends and stories of yesteryear, you can fall madly in love with the qualities which make each Resort different. We are now trending a Resort near you with Ski's

PEAK of the WEEK!

Taos, NM


SEVEN-FUN-FACTS about Taos Ski Valley & Taos, NM

1. SNOWBOARDERS WELCOME! When Taos Ski Valley (TSV) opened 1955, founders Ernie and Rhoda Blake  (Husband and Wife) kept the resort a skiers only destination for 53 ski loving years. Then on March 19, 2008, Taos Ski Valley officially opened to snowboarders after a long campaign to do so.


Photo Credit: Copyright 2011 Will Fox,


2. FLY ON IN - NON STOP. From Los Angeles, CA and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX  to Santa Fe, NM. American Airlines Offers Daily Nonstop Flights. Then a short (72mile) 1:15hr drive up the to the village where you can enjoying World Class Skiing!

3. KICKIN' TRIBAL ROOTS. "Taos" was originally discovered by Spanish Conquistadors who saw the ancient towering pueblo structures of the historic Taos Pueblo, exchanging gifts with the Tiwa Indians. Tiwa Indians are part of the Isleta Indian relatives. Its native name is Shie-hwib-ak ("flint kicking-race-stick-at"). Tiwa Indians are also known for their unique Taos dialect.

4. ORIGINATOR of THE PUEBLO. Pueblo houses give Taos its eclectic and historical look. Great multi-storied pueblos were first constructed as early as 1050. They began to dot the valley until present day. "Adobe" is mud and straw mixed together and dried to make a string brick-like material. Pueblos are known as "Americas oldest neighborhoods." The Taos Pueblo was added to an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 as one of the most significant historical sites in the world along with Taj Mahal, Great Pyramids and the Grand Canyon.

5. GEOLOGIC WONDER. The section of The Rio Grande River running thru New Mexico is not a typical river that has carved out its own valley... Rather, the valley appeared first, then the river followed. This "rift valley" is a separation in the earth crust caused by faulting and other earth movements dated as far back as twenty-nine million years ago.

6. TAOS ART COLONY. Taos is home to several sites representing the Taos Art Colony, all listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1899, artists began to settle in Taos, six in particular who formed the Taos Society of Artists in 1915, further showing-off the historical buildings, including a Secret Playhouse and Gardens. Known as The Couse Foundation and The Couse/Sharp Historic Site is one of the earliest of its kind in the US. Today it remains a vital and ever growing artists milieu. 

This picture shows the original Founders of the of the Artists at the Couse House. 

7. VAST ATTRACTIONS. If you have never visited Taos/ New Mexico, you'd be very surprised at how many different types of activities they have in one area, extremely unique to the Southwest. For a breakdown on all the different and vast opportunities, check them out one-by-one!! Acoma Pueblo aka "Sky City." Angel Fire Ski Resort. Chama Valley has waterfalls and numerous activities. ChimayoMuseums and Chapels. Cimarron Ranch Rodeos and Music Festivals. Clayton Museums and Events. Farmington The "Four Corners," Trading Posts & Performing Arts. Ghost Ranch  Ranch Education & Retreat Center. High Road Villages Art Tours and Artisan Village. Northeast New MexicoGreat Plains and Rocky Mountains. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. Red River Winter & Summer Activities. Sipapu Resort / Disc Golf. Taos Art & Heritage. Taos Pueblo Guided Tours and Shops. Taos Ski Valley Resortand Bike Riding.


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