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Peak of the Week: Sun Valley, ID

The Peak of the Week!

There are so many Resorts, each with much to offer! From Trailmaps to Lodges, Activities to Events, Trends and stories of yesteryear, you can fall madly in love with the qualities which make each Resort different. We are now trending a Resort near you with Ski's

PEAK of the WEEK!


Sun Valley Resort 


FIVE-FAST-FACTS about Sun Valley Resort

1. RAILROAD TIES: Unlike other Resorts, Sun Valley's location was scouted by a Count who served under the hire of Union Pacific Railroad. Count Felix Schaffgotsch worked for Averell Harriman in search of the perfect spot for a grand American resort. He stumbled upon an old mining area in Ketchum Valley, where he stated: "This combines more delightful features than any place I have ever seen in Switzerland, Austria or the U.S. for a winter resort." Within days Harriman purchased 4,300 acres of what was soon to become Sun Valley.

Count Felix Schaffgotsch pictured below

 2. CLASSY LODGE. Part of the original vision of Sun Valley was to have an extremely upscale Lodge and Apres area, in addition to the compelling ski scape found in the Northern Rockies region of south central Idaho. After just seven months of construction, Sun Valley opened to the public December 21, 1936. Local wildlife was seen sharing the mountain with European nobility and Hollywood royalty. Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Claudette Colbert, Bing Crosby and Gary Cooper were all regulars in the lodge, while world champions incl. Don and Gretchen Fraser, Gracie Carter Lindley and Andy Hennig used the mountain for Olympic training. Sun Valley became a regular hangout for many Hollywood Celebrities and the like.

Lucille Ball pictured below with her children

3. TRIPLE CROWN. In 1977 Sun Valley joined the Little America Family under the ownership of R. Earl Holding. Since then, Holding redefined the standard of elegance and excellence originally subscribed by Harriman. Sun Valley Lodge and Sun Valley Inn were both lavishly refurbished in every way, with the biggest improvement being the "Triple Crown." He was quoted saying "the mountain is regal and it is only fitting that she wear a crown radiant with three precious jewels." Those jewels are three distinctive and award-winning day-lodge facilities: Warm Springs Lodge, Seattle Ridge Lodge and River Run Lodge. These amenities among many others is why Sun Valley is often regarded the "Shangri-La of legend in the world of Mountain Resorts.

4. SUN VALLEY SKI HALL OF FAME & HERITAGE MUSEUM. Sun Valley is home to the Ski & Heritage Museum and the Sun Valley Ski Hall of fame induction ceremony. Nominations are done by committee, one for Nordic and another for Alpine. There are five members on each committee, all dedicated athletes who continue to work in their sport areas. Inductees include; Warren Miller, Glen Plake and many many more. The museum also offers lifetime memberships for individuals and families. When you are a lifetime member, you can rent the museum for private parties. The Museum features an archive of approx. 500 pairs of skis, 200 ski boots, vintage ski clothing, Western Americana artifacts, and paper materials from the history of Sun Valley as well as an extensive book & photograph collection.

5. WORLD CLASS TERRAIN PARK.  Sun Valley has been known for its track record of excellence for over 70 years. Recently, it has received coverage in 10 national magazines, hosted major photo shoots, films, contests and more. This year, Sun Valley Resort delivers a new halfpipe, 20 new rails and jibs.


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