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Peak of the Week: Mammoth Mountain, CA

The Peak of the Week!

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PEAK of the WEEK!


Mammoth Mountain, CA

Mammoth Lakes

FIVE-FUN-FACTS about Mammoth Mountain!

1. McCOY & the ROPE TOW. In 1953 Dave McCoy, a hydrographer for the LA DWP, obtained right from the Forest Service to build a permanent rope tow on Mammoth Mountain. Powered by Ford Model "A" truck motors, these rope tows lead to the opening of the mountains first chairlift, which opened on Thanksgiving Day, 1955. McCoy also added a warming hut, which would eventually become the Main Lodge. Overall, McCoy deemed Mammoth the perfect catch basin for a consistent snowfall to feed the water system, etc.

2. SNOW KIDDING! Due to its location, it receives an unusually large amount of snow - about 400" annually - thanks to a low gap in the Sierra Crest. Total Snowfall from 1970 to today... Is over 15,000 inches. This consistency often allows Mammoth to be the latest area in North America to stay open with lifts operating, often til 4th of July.  ** TOP 5 Record Snowfall years include : 2010-11/ 661" 2005-06/ 578" 2004-05/ 571" 1982-83/ 546"  1994-95/ 540" (According to the Mammoth Ski Patrol History Summary) 


3. THE VILLAGE. Once the village was "born" in Mammoth, the area really spread its wings and overall development for the area blossomed. In 1986, McCoy purchased the nearby June Mountain, and began to connect it with Mammoth via chair lifts, groomed runs and a resort transportation system. In 1996, McCoy partnered with Intrawest Corp, who invested in $700 million in new lifts, lodging, and equipment. The area has continued to grow ever since. In fact, the Mammoth-Yosemite Airport (MMH), located 10 short minuted from Mammoth Lakes, extended its runway a few years ago with a more recent extension once again, allowing non-stop flights from many US locations. Most Hotels will happily pick-up passengers for free, to take them straight to their destination. This newest development makes Mammoth one a full-service are in every way!


4. MAMMOTH SIZE MINING BUSINESS. In 1857 German Miners who were lost in the mountains of Mammoth found a ledge of gold which was truly a goldmine, the largest bonanzas in the U.S. - Saloons, Newspapers and more were a result of the huge population and economic boom. By 1879 a combination of poor yields, embezzlement, fire and severe winters put the area into a downward spiral. Soon after Mammoth Mining Co., the largest corporation of the time, remained and the name stuck with the area. Although The Gold Rush was the primary find in the area, Silver and Copper were soon to follow.

5. LAVA DOME. The famous Cornice Run and distinctive profile of Mammoth is what's left of the  edge of an ancient Volcano. The area was originally formed was formed 200,000 years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions, creating a Lava Dome complex. Today, the area still produces hazardous volcanic gases. Located on the South end of the Mono-Inyo chain of volcanic craters. Due to its interesting beginnings, many rare Geological features, unique plants and wildflowers, birds and landforms, all indigenous to the area.



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