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Peak of the Week: BrianHead, UT

The Peak of the Week!

There are so many Resorts, each with much to offer! From Trailmaps to Lodges, Activities to Events, Trends and stories of yesteryear, you can fall madly in love with the qualities which make each Resort different. We are now trending a Resort near you with Ski's

PEAK of the WEEK!

Brianhead, UT


FIVE-FAST-FACTS about South Utah Area

& Brianhead Resort


1. SO-CAL'S NEIGHBOR. A super-fun fact is that you can score Utah Powder just hours away at BrianHead. Enjoy no lines for more time on the slope. Lift Ticket prices are even low at $49 for a full-day. Conveniently located, BrianHead is "Freeway Close," easy to get to, with no mountain driving. And for SoCal travelers, BrianHead is simply 3 hours North of Vegas. You could even stay in Vegas for a fun night stay! Check out this simple route right here.

Real Close... 3 hours from Las Vegas. 7 hours from LA. 7 hours from Phoenix. 5 hours from Flagstaff. 4 hours from Salt Lake City. 8 hours from San Diego. 1.5 hours from St George. 1.5 hours from Bryce Canyon. 1.5 hours from Zion Nat'l Park. 45 minutes from Cedar City.  


2. GETTING HIGH. BrianHead has the highest elevation in Utah, standing at 9,600 feet. The Summit Elevation stands at 10,920 feet - top of Giant Steps lift. Offering 71 runs : 30% easier, 35% more difficult, 35% more difficult. This years base is already at 55". Annual snowfall is usually somewhere around 360 inches. Also has two terrain parks.


3. QUAINT TOWN. Opened for skiing in the Winter of 1964/1965. 10 yrs earlier, the town of Brianhead was deemed. The Resort grew its roots mainly off the town, from 1975 and beyond. The scenic beauty and pristine air is still a major draw for the area, as well as the famous Markagunt Plateau in Eastern Iron County. Today, this Resort is still the base of the areas economy. The permanent population is somewhere around 109 year-round. 

4. SAW MILLS & PRETTY HILLS. Saw Mills operated in the late 1800's, and in the 1900's a Cheese Factory operated in the Northeast section of town. Prior to this, the area was known best by the Fremont Tribe of Native Americans who first discovered the land. European shepherds and cattlemen who settled in 1851 used it as a summer grazing camp. 

5. LIFE OF BRIAN NAME-SAKE. The name Brianhead has a questionable history. Originally known as aMonument Peak, used by early surveyors and expedition leaders. One story claims it was simply named Bryan via a specific survey, another claiming it might have been named in honor of American politician, William Jennings Bryan.


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