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Peak of the Week: Bear Mountain, CA

The Peak of the Week!

There are so many Resorts, each with much to offer! From Trailmaps to Lodges, Activities to Events, Trends and stories of yesteryear, you can fall madly in love with the qualities which make each Resort different. We are now trending a Resort near you with Ski's

PEAK of the WEEK!

Big Bear, CA





FIVE-FAST-FACTS about Big Bear area & Bear Mountain Resorts

1. THE BEARS. Big Bear & Big Bear Lake got its name LA Mayor Benjamin Davis Benito Wilson discovered an ancient and mysterious forest, while crossing the land searching for Indian Chief Walkara. They took 11 pelts with them that day.

2. STRIKING GOLD. Gold was discovered around 1860 in the Holcomb Valley which lead to a Wagon Trail being built up the mountain via Santa Ana Canyon, which later grew to Clark Grade Road. This early on, a General Store, Saloon, Grocery Store and more cropped up!

3. FAMOUS MOUNTAIN. Close to the Los Angeles area, Big Bear became a destination for many movie sets, including Elvis Presleys 15th movie, "Kissin Cousins," shot on Cedar Lake.


4. LEGENDARY RESORT CHAIRLIFT & SNOWMAKING. Snow Summit was founded by avid sportsman, Tommi Tyndall, recognizing skiing as a growing sport in Southern California. By January 1953, the first chairlift was completed and became the nations first detachable chairlift. Tommi also pioneered the concept of snow making, which became a pivotal turning point for the Southern California snow sport lifestyle. By 1976 skiing was so popular, people would sleep in sleeping bags in front of the ticket windows as early as 2:00 am. Snow Summit later acquired their neighbor Resort, Goldmine, renaming it Bear Mountain, operating as a dual-mountain entity to this day.  


5. THE GOLDEN CHILD OF BIG BEARShaun White, two-time Olympic Gold metal Snowboarder got his start riding the slopes of Bear Mountain. He remembers taking many many runs down from Chair 9, and even took a visit there last Winter to visit some other local kids in Big Bear.





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